Healthcare Professionals, Veterinarians, Pharmacies, & Health Food Stores

  • EHP Products has served healthcare professionals with dependable Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) products since 1996. Today, we still offer the original formulation used by CMO's discoverer, Harry W. Diehl. Myristin® softgels contain 260 mg of molecular CMO in 650 mg of cetylated fatty acids. This professional-strength product is perfect for healthcare professionals. Myristin® softgels require a shorter period of use than capsules with less CMO, which also means fewer capsules need to be taken daily.
  • Our healthcare professional customers include MD's, DO's, ND's, DC's, DDS's, DOM's, DVM's, LAc's., RD's, RN's, CCN's, LMT's, among others. Whatever your specialty, we can serve your needs for CMO products. All of our retail products are available to healthcare professionals at wholesale prices and can be ordered quickly and conveniently. In addition to our 260 mg CMO softgels, EHP Products maintains an inventory of CMO powder capsules in 120 count unlabeled bottles. These capsules contain 110 mg of CMO in 550 mg of mixed cetyl esters on corn starch (20% CMO). Bottles of this product can be sold to healthcare professionals for their own labeling, or we can apply our standard label to the bottles before shipment.
  • To order at the wholesale prices that we offer to healthcare professionals, veterinarians, pharmacies, and health food stores, please email a request for an Order Form on your letterhead stationery to EHP Products at or fax the request to 1 (901) 767-6378. After receiving the request, we will email or fax the order form to you.
  • The completed order from can be emailed or faxed to us, or you can place your order over the phone at 1 (800) 450-0041 (Toll Free) or 1 (901) 767-6317 (Direct).